Taylor Swift sends message to Joe Alwyn with ‘teenage-fangirl’ behaviour at Travis Kelce game

Taylor Swift told her ex Joe Alwyn that she has moved on with Travis Kelce with her “teenage-fangirl-style behaviour” at his game on Sunday.

The Anti-Hero hitmaker’s over-enthusiastic appearance at the NFL star’s game was a proof she wanted her former lover to know she is no more available.

Analyzing her body language, an expert said Swift wanted to be seen “as serious” with Kelce amid their budding relationship which is why she attracted cameras with her excitement at the game.

Swift and Alwyn dated for six years before they parted ways earlier this year. Soon after, the singer was rumoured to be in relationship with Matty Healy, however, it only lasted for a month.

Now, it is being speculated that Swift is romancing Kelce and her Sunday appearance at his match was a proof of that.

Judi James told The Mirror, “If sitting in the stands with your man’s mum isn’t enough to flag up the fact that you’re going public about your relationship, then going into total fan-girl mode as Taylor does here suggests she’s using this event as a body language billboard to announce she wants to be seen as serious when it comes to a romance with Travis.”

“These looks like overkill rituals to make her point though,” the expert claimed. “Not only is she ‘team Travis’ in terms of her red Chief’s jacket and matching red lipstick, but she’s also going overboard on the excitement rituals as he plays.”

Judi continued saying that Swift’s “extrovert displays of loyalty” to Kelce looked like “hints” for his mother, who was also at the game, that she would make a “good daughter-in-law.”