Taylor Swift showed up to Travis Kelce’s game to kill infamous SEO?

Taylor Swift is facing a bizarre conspiracy theory of her attending Travis Kelce’s game against the Chicago Bears just to get rid of an infamous SEO link.

Last Sunday, the 33-year-old attended Kansas City Chiefs game against the New York Jets to support her rumored beau.

Taylor was also accompanied by her celeb friends like Sophie Turner, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman.

Post-match included the search engine getting jammed as people typed ‘Taylor Swift jets’ as the main keyword to find out the gossip.

That’s when The Vulture came up with a theory that Taylor showing up to the game might be a PR tactic to kill the SEO of articles about the controversy of her private jets contributing to pollution.

In January 2022, The Washington Post did an exclusive piece on how celebrities are endangering the planet by using private jets. The piece identified the Lover hitmaker as “biggest celebrity CO2 polluter.”

According to the article, Taylor used her private ride for 170 flights since January 2022, with emissions “totaling more than 8,293 metric tons.”

Calling it just a theory in the end, the publication said that this might not be Taylor’s sole purpose behind wanting to date Travis Kelce.

“But she is certainly not ignorant of a too-good-to-be-true coincidence of SEO.” they concluded.