Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce one shocking difference goes unnoticed

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s alleged relationship is dissected from multiple angles; however, one key layer remained under the surface: the huge gap between their wealth.

Explaining the widened gap, a report emerged that described that what the Grammy winner makes in one day (concert) was more than the NFL’s tight end’s whole annual salary.

Per Spotrac, the Chiefs superstar is set to earn $12.3 million this year; meanwhile, the 33-year-old, over a decade career in the professional league, brought in $77 million.

On the contrary, the global pop icon’s ticket sales of the ongoing blockbuster The Eras tour enjoyed $13 million per show, per the Daily Star.

Giving insights into the industry’s top cash cow, the Carolina crooner has raked in $92m only in 2022, according to Forbes.

Back on the rumored romance of Taylor and Travis, the alleged lovebird’s beginnings started from the former’s tour’s Kansas stopover in July, where the top athlete tried to hand over his number to her—but reportedly rebuffed.

However, the 33-year-old attendance at the sports star’s game earlier this week has rocked the internet, leaving fans ecstatic.

A source told The Messenger the pair were “quietly hanging out” for weeks.

“She and Travis have hung out twice, and it’s nothing serious. She thinks he is very charming, and they have been texting this last week,” noting, “He is a little embarrassed at how much attention they are getting, but he has told her he would love to continue seeing her,” the insider added.