Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce romance PR stunt? Experts think so

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s unlikely romance is being questioned by netizens, PR experts and public figures alike.

Among notable talk show hosts, The View co-host Sara Haines, and Elle Duncan of The Elle Duncan Show have openly called the budding romance a PR stunt.

On Monday’s episode of the Behind the Table podcast, Sara Haines expressed that she wouldn’t discuss the heavily publicized romance on The View.

“This is a PR stunt, this whole thing,” Haines said, “and I’m just not that interested in it, because it feels like you’re giving air to a publicity stunt.”

Similarly, Elle Duncan said on The Elle Duncan Show that, the way the two left the Chief’s game together, convinced her that they are not dating.

“He’s never touched that woman. They’re not dating. This is a stunt,” Duncan claimed. “Now, when I said he does not know that woman — OK, maybe he does. Apparently, he does. They’re not dating.”

Joining in on the scrutiny, PR expert Liza Anderson of the Los Angeles-based Anderson Group Public Relations, told Yahoo Entertainment that Swift’s appearance at the game was an effective PR move.

“The whole theatrics of it all was just a wonderful thing to watch,” Anderson said of Swift’s supportive attitude at the game. “And you really are rooting for them. You really hope it’s real, because they’re adorable together.”

It was reported after the Style hitmaker’s cheerful appearance at the game, that the sales of the NFL star’s jersey increased by 400 percent, and the team’s ticket sales also sky rocketed. Swift’s reported romance with the two-time Super Bowl winning star has also increased his popularity significantly.