‘The View’ host Sara Haines blasts Swifties, Beyhive: ‘They are equally bad’

Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have a hardcore fanbase known as Swifties and Beyhives, respectively, and seemingly, they don’t appreciate any negative reception to their beloved icons. Now, The View co-host Sara Haines said that both stars’ fans are horrible, to say the least.

During the Behind the Table podcast, the hosts debated whether the latest talk of the town, the Carolina crooner’s and NFL’s Travis Kelce’s alleged romantic sightings merit discussion on the show.

The broadcast journalist argued against their addition, “Swifties are as bad as the Beyhive like they come for you! Even if you just allude to them…”

She continued, “I don’t like to put negative energy out there. I don’t care who she dates, but it’s not because I’m a bad person, there are other people I care about more.”

Elsewhere in the discussion, the ABC talk show host blasted the much-talked Taylor and Travis rumoured relationship as a “PR stunt.”

“I can usually find something, but I’ll let you know when I don’t care. This is a p.r. stunt, this whole thing, and I’m just not that interested in it, because it feels like you’re giving air to a publicity stunt,” Sara added.