‘Thin skinned’ Meghan Markle ‘could never be politician’: Expert

Meghan Markle could not be a politician unless she develops thick skin, says an expert.

Royal biographer Angela Levin comments on the Duchess of Sussex’s potential bid to White House entry, noting the chances of it are very less.

Ms Levin tells Sky News Australia: “Meghan Markle could never really be a politician.

“She’s got very, very thin skin, and she also would have to lose her titles as I believe Harry would as well.

“She’s clinging onto them for dear life, so I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that she’d ever get anything in parliament.

“It’s so ludicrous to think that she could just go in at a high level.”

This comes days after senator Rudy Giuliani commented upon Meghan’s entry in the US politics.

He told GB News: “I don’t see it. But look, I should shut up, you never know in America. It seems unlikely but not impossible.

“American politics is very unpredictable and it’s getting more that wa