Tom Brady, Kim Kardashian continue their playful chat at Jay-Z’s afterparty

Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian had another friendly encounter at Jay-Z and Meek Mill’s VIP blackjack party in Atlantic City, after first having a fun bidding war the charity event.

Despite previous flirtation rumors, their interactions at the event appeared cordial at the event, for which Kardashian flew in from Paris Fashion Week.

The event featured a private dinner, auction, and a blackjack tournament, with an entry fee of $100,000 per player for charity Reform Alliance.

Brady and Kardashian played at separate tables, with Brady next to Bill Gates’ daughter and Kardashian with comedian Kevin Hart, former Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard, and others.

Both stars bid $2 million on George Condo paintings during an auction, where they are reported to have engaged in a flirtatious bidding war. Brady won one, and Condo agreed to create another for Kim.

After the auction, they engaged in an extended conversation, while most guests left for an afterparty. Kardashian’s friend La La Anthony was present.

At the afterparty, Brady and Kardashian continued talking as various performers, including Travis Scott, Fat Joe, Meek Mill, French Montana, and Lil Baby, took the stage.

Kardashian left around 1 a.m. with La La Anthony, while Tom Brady stayed at the party, surrounded by women.