Top 5 must-watch Korean dramas for supernatural enthusiasts

Korean Dramas are gaining much popularity and continue to captivate audiences worldwide with their impressive storytelling.

From ghosts and gods to time-bending mysteries, these K-dramas are a supernatural rollercoaster one wouldn’t want to get off as they promise to deliver a unique blend of fantasy, romance, and suspense.

Here are the Top Five K-dramas encompassing supernatural elements from shape-shifting goblins to mischievous ghosts.

A Korean Odyssey (2017):

This drama revolves around a young woman, Jin Sun-mi, with the supernatural ability to see the spirits. She along with another character, Oh-gong, collectively fights, against the evil spirits seeking to exploit her power.

The Guest (2018):

The Guest follows the story of three young individuals: one with psychic abilities, a determined priest, and a detective with a strong sense of justice who confronts malicious spirits that possess innocent people.

The Cursed (2020):

The Cursed is a Korean drama that intertwines supernatural elements with societal intrigue. It revolves around a fearless investigative journalist who embarks on a journey to unveil dark secrets behind a centuries-old curse on a powerful family.

Hellbound (2021):

This Korean Netflix series is based on a future, where supernatural entities emerge and a team of few individuals embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind supernatural events.

Sell Your Haunted House (2021):

This K-drama revolves around the mysterious world of a strong-willed real estate broker and exorcist with a haunted past.