Travis Kelce: Taylor Swift has found subject of her breakup song?

NFL star Travis Kelce has been warned of the consequences of dating Taylor Swift, a day after the singer was seen draping her around his neck in a picture exclusively released by TMZ.

In an article published in the Telegraph, author and journalist Michael Deacon wrote about how the Kansas City Chiefs tight end could end up in one of Swift’s songs about breakups.

“A lot of Swift’s most famous songs are about breakups. And many fans believe that they’re based directly on her own experiences.⁠

“Let’s hope Travis Kelce behaves impeccably – or he might find himself on the wrong end of a break-up song…”⁠

He added, “Imagine millions of people, across the world, singing about what a terrible boyfriend you were. I dread to think what it might be like.”

The journalist said Taylor Swift “is beautiful, intelligent, talented, and successful, but the whole time you were dating her, surely you’d be living in terror-knowing,”

He added, “If the relationship ended badly, she could write a massive hit single about your innumerable shortcomings.”

Travis Kelce opened up about Taylor Swift’s appearance at one of his games recently but did not confirm whether he is dating the singer.