Travis Kelce’s publicist refutes claims of Taylor Swift’s game-day cheat sheet

Rumors surrounding Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce took an unexpected turn recently when a celebrity blog, DeuxMoi, posted images of a handwritten paper titled “Chiefs Notes.”

This document was alleged to have been used by the Grammy-winning singer as a cheat sheet during Kelce’s recent football game.

The notes reportedly contained information about the NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs, including key players, team ownership, and even the songs to sing in celebration of touchdowns scored by the reigning Super Bowl champs.

DeuxMoi captioned the Instagram post with the images, stating, “Recovered from yesterday’s game… allegedly Taylor Swift’s team made sure she knew her stuff!! Love that!!!”

However, in a swift response in the comments section, Pia Malihi, Travis Kelce’s publicist, refuted the claim, stating unequivocally, “Not true… I’m TK’s publicist and that’s not hers.”

Fans of both Swift and Kelce were quick to commend Malihi for promptly debunking the rumor, expressing their gratitude in the comments. One fan wrote, “the swifties thank you,” while another said, “doing the Lords work.”

The relationship between the Grammy winner and the NFL champion became public when Swift attended Kelce’s game against the Chicago Bears at Arrowhead Stadium, accompanied by Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce.

Following the Chiefs’ victory in the game, Swift and Kelce were spotted looking close as they left the stadium together. The Love Story singer appeared to be in high spirits, sharing laughter as she rode shotgun in Kelce’s convertible outside the venue.