Tyrese Gibson stands by his claims in lawsuit against Home Depot

Fast and Furious star Tyrese Gibson does not seem to be intimidated by the response of Home Depot to his $1 million lawsuit against the retail giant.

Tyrese vows to use everything in his power to correct the alleged discrimination, he claims to have faced at one of the Home Depot stores.

In an interview with TMZ, the actor appeared committed to taking a stand against the retail giant to protect his own and the civil rights of all others, who have been subjected to discriminatory practices and consumer racial profiling.

The actor vows not to back down from his claims, stating, “The Home Depot and its legal team seek to deny our claims as suggested by their recent court filing and to silence our voice, but we will not back down. We will not be bullied.”

The actor-singer has also insisted that he and his team will spend all of their energies to correct the conduct of the company.

Previously, it has been reported that Home Depot has denied racial discrimination claims of Tyrese in response to the latter’s lawsuit.

In response to the actor’s claim that his transaction was intentionally delayed based on his skin colour, the store alleged that Tyrese grabbed a bunch of items and then left the cashier counter for 25 minutes, forcing the cashier to clear his transaction.

They added that Tyrese went back to his car leaving his credit card with two of his pals however, the store manager and cashier informed him that he needed to come inside the store again to present his ID and complete the purchase.

The store claims that they had video proof suggesting that Tyrese got in a heated exchange upon getting back inside the store, but the actor then eventually showed his ID and completed his purchase.