Vince Gilligan shoots down ‘Breaking Bad’ spinoff on Walt Jr.

Breaking Bad saga has spawned equally hit epilogue film El Camino and critically acclaimed spinoff Better Call Saul, but Heisenberg Jr. is not on the list of showrunner Vince Gilligan.

During an interview with Variety, the creator of the universally acclaimed show ruled out a story based on the events of post-Walter White’s death, focusing on his son Walt Jr., played by RJ Mitte.

“I’d hate the thought of Walt Jr. following in Walt’s footsteps in the crime business. That’s probably the kind of thing somebody will pitch 10 or 15 years from now — Walter Jr. as an Albuquerque crime lord succeeding where his father failed,” he continued.

“I could pretty much guarantee right now that I have no interest in seeing that happen. That’d be a sad tribute to the show,” the director said.

Adding, “It’s fun thinking about what would happen to the characters, but it doesn’t rise to the level of, ‘Gee, I’d like to tell more about the story.’ But who knows, in a few years, maybe.” However, a “Heisenberg Jr.” follow-up is “doubtful as hell.”

Vince noted, “The only attractive thing about that idea is working with RJ Mitte again because he’s a wonderful actor and sweet guy. But that would be depressing as hell. That would be the wrong lesson from the show if there are any lessons at all to be gleaned from it.”