WGA deal resumes paused late-night shows

As the Writers Guild of America called off the strike, the late-night TV hosts are set to deliver rib-tickling monologues on Monday, October 2.

The top late-night show hosts, including The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show, were previously part of Strike Force Five (a podcast to support the striking writers).

“Of course, in a greater sense, Strike Force 5 will never end because Strike Force 5 is not a place, Strike Force 5 is not a people, Strike Force 5 is barely a podcast… nay, Strike Force 5 is an idea, an idea that five men could talk on top of each other for 12 episodes, and maybe somebody would listen,” the statement continued.

They added, “As we say goodbye, we would like to thank all those somebodies. Truly, you were the heroes. We were mostly the heroes, but you were there too.”

Separately, their partner John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight will come a day early on the cable TV on Sunday, October 1.