What kind of phones Kate Middleton and Prince William use?

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Prince William and Kate Middleton in September to discuss  “environment, mental health, and other issues.”

Cook used his Twitter account to share a couple of pictures with the UK royals after the meeting.

His tweet containing pictures with the Prince and Princess of Wales got over one million views during the next few days.

Eagle-eyed users spotted two bags with Apple logos placed on the table next to Cook and William in one of the pictures.

The pictures sparked a debate on the contents of the bags, with some saying the Apple CEO bought the iPhone 15 pro max while others guessed he gifted watches to the couple.

What kind of phones Kate Middleton and Prince William use?

A majority of social media users are still wondering what kind of phones Prince William and Kate Middleton use.

“Is it Apple or Android?  interesting, what’s Royal house policy about it,” asked a user.

Almost all the senior members of the British royal family reportedly use mobile phones but they avoid showing the devices in their public appearances.

The chief reason behind their decision not to display their phones is to avert unnecessary controversies that would have consequences for famous mobile phone manufacturers.