When will Netflix’s Virgin River season 6 part 2 release?

Season 6, part 1 of Netflix’s Virgin River has overtaken the streaming giant, by force, and many fans have begun erupting into frenzies over part 2.

Netflix Virgin River Season 6 Part 2 Release Date:

The streaming giant is slated to release part 2 of season 6 on November 30th.

Part 2 also promises two holiday episodes named The More the Merrier and Father Christmas, which will release two months from now.

It is speculated that episode 10 will have a four-month time jump and will showcase the Christmas season in Virgin River.

Plot Line for Season 6 Part 2 of Netflix’s Virgin River:

For those unversed, part 1 included a number of admissions and bombshells that were dropped on the public, that too in the first two episodes.

The season opened with the police coming across an unidentified body, in the same place Preacher buried Wess.

Later on, Jack and Mel were seen considering Lily’s farm for their future family.