‘Yellowstone’ undergoes HUGE makeover for CBS premiere ‘Yellowstone’ undergoes HUGE makeover for CBS premiere

Yellowstone made its network television debut on CBS, reaching a much larger audience than ever.

The series premiered on September 17, shifting from Paramount Network. However, this transition to a major broadcast network necessitated significant changes.

CBS now airs an edited version of Yellowstone, removing extreme or offensive content that initially gave the show its edgy style.

The original TV-MA rating, due to nudity, profanity, and violence, led to these edits to comply with censorship standards.

Aside from concerns about offensive content, broadcast standards also restrict the portrayal of drug and alcohol use on television.

A CBS representative confirmed minor edits to Yellowstone to meet these standards, assuring that they won’t compromise the show’s essence.

Despite these changes, the show remains too mature for younger viewers, earning a TV-14 DSLV rating for suggestive dialogue, foul language, sexual situations, and intense violence in its CBS broadcasts.

Despite Yellowstone’s immense popularity, CBS reports that 80% of its viewers have yet to watch the show. This means that many more viewers will likely see the toned-down version on broadcast TV than the original uncensored one.